Show off to all your friends, collect your badges and improve your stats today!

The extension contains many challenges and stats, some old, some new, and many may sound strange at first - so what do they all mean? Hopefully this page explains all!

Volunteer Badges

Also, as a special extra something for those dedicated volunteers you can gain stars for doing a role 5+ times (1 star), 10+ times (2 stars), and 25+ times (3 stars)!

Equipment Storage and Delivery Equipment Storage and Delivery - Fill your shed with signs and high-viz!

Communications Person Communications Person - The first rule of parkrun, tell everyone about parkrun! (Unless it is the first event, in which case, keep it under your hat for a week for two) Spread the world and ensure everyone stays up to date about your event.

Volunteer Co-ordinator Volunteer Co-ordinator - Ensure the roster is packed full of friendly-folk ready to cheer everyone on and run a great event

Event Day Course Check Event Day Course Check - Scout out the course on the day of the run to check for any problems.

Pre-event Setup Pre-event Setup - Be the early bird and get to parkrun early and ensure that everything is ready for everyone else when they stroll up at 8:45

Car Park Marshal Car Park Marshal - Keep everyone safe and organised in the car park

First Timers Welcome First Timers Welcome - Make sure that runners new to parkrun know how it all works (and to not take the tokens home, or duck the funnel!), and give everyone new to your event the lay of the land - and how many laps it is.

Warm Up Leader Warm Up Leader - Get those juniors all warmed up and ready to go!

Sign Language Support Sign Language Support - Help parkrun be even more inclusive by signing the briefings

Marshal Marshal - Clap, cheer, and encourage everyone round, but most importantly enable parkrun to be a safe event

Tail Walker Tail Walker - Ensure no-one is ever last at parkrun and encourage those slower runners and walkers to make it to the finish

Run Director Run Director - Take charge and run a tight-ship on Saturday morning!

Lead Bike Lead Bike - Ensure no-one goes the wrong way out in front - watch out for those tight turns!

Pacer Pacer - Help runners meet their personal goals during paced events, don’t go off too quick!

Guide Runner Guide Runner - Help parkrun be even more inclusive by guiding visually impaired runners round the course

Photographer Photographer - Share the joy on the faces of everyone by taking lovely pictures of the runners and the event

Timer Timer - Clock the runners in at the finish line

Funnel Manager Funnel Manager - Watch out for funnel-duckers and make sure that the funnel runs smoothly

Finish Tokens & Support Finish Tokens & Support - Give out the finish tokens at the end, and get to congratulate every runner as they complete another lovely run

Barcode Scanning Barcode Scanning - description those lovely runners get their time, and most importantly, register them as having got out of bed on such a lovely Saturday morning!

Number Checker Number Checker - Check everything is in order, helping the runners get the right times

Post-event Close Down Post-event Close Down - Fetch all the cones and signs in, and feel great for having done an extra lap!

Results Processor Results Processor - Wrangle the laptop into life and get those results online

Token Sorting Token Sorting - Relax and achieve zen by sorting the tokens

Report Writer Report Writer - Spread the word about how good your last event was by writing up the report

Other Other - Some parkruns have other roles that don’t fit into the regular categories above, this role is a catch all that can be anything from carpark-management to human-clothes-hook!

parkwalker parkwalker - The parkwalker is a friendly face(s) who provide support and encouragement to walkers at parkrun events

Running Badges

Tourist Tourist - Run at 20+ different parkrun locations anywhere in the world

Cowell Club Cowell Club - Run at 100+ different parkrun locations anywhere in the world. Named after the first parkrunners to complete it. A quarter cowell is available at 25, half at 50, and three-quarter at 75.

Freyne Club Freyne Club - Run at 250+ different parkrun locations anywhere in the world. Named after the first parkrunner to complete it.

Alphabeteer Alphabeteer - Run at parkrun locations starting with each letter of the English alphabet (except X).

Single-Ton Single-Ton - Run 100+ parkruns at the same location.

Double-Ton Double-Ton - Run 200+ parkruns at the same location.

Stopwatch Bingo Stopwatch Bingo - Collect all the seconds from 00 to 59 in your finishing times.

Pirates! Pirates! - Run seven Cs and an R (say it out loud).

Stayin' Alive Stayin’ Alive - Run three Bees and three Gees.

Compass Club Compass Club - Run at a parkrun named after each of the four compass points.

The Full Ponty The Full Ponty - Run at all the parkruns named ponty… or ponte…

Bushy Pilgrimage Bushy Pilgrimage - Run at Bushy parkrun, where it all began.

Christmas Day Christmas Day - Run a parkrun on the 25th of December.

NYD Double NYD Double - Run two parkruns on one New Year’s Day.

Groundhog Day Groundhog Day - Finish with the same time at the same parkrun location on two consecutive parkruns.

All Weather Runner All Weather Runner - Run in each month of the year.

Name Badge Name Badge - Spell out your registered name with parkruns.

Bronze Level Obsessive Bronze Level Obsessive - Run 30+ parkruns in one calendar year.

Silver Level Obsessive Silver Level Obsessive - Run 40+ parkruns in one calendar year.

Gold Level Obsessive Gold Level Obsessive - Run 50+ parkruns in one calendar year.

Record Breaker Record Breaker - Run all the parkrun events within 33km, 45km, and 78km of your average parkrun location.

Country Flags

You will also get a flag for each of the countries you have touristed in (in the order in which you first attended a parkrun there). The currently available countries are:

Australia Australia

Austria Austria

Canada Canada

Germany Germany

Denmark Denmark

Finland Finland

France France

Ireland Ireland

Italy Italy

Japan Japan

Malaysia Malaysia

Netherlands Netherlands

New Zealand New Zealand

Norway Norway

Poland Poland

Russia Russia

South Africa South Africa

Sweden Sweden

Singapore Singapore




There are many stats that parkrunners keep, and a few of these are obvious such as the number of parkruns you have done, or how many different parkruns you have been to, but there are also some more mysterious ones, such as the p-index or ones that are hard to calculate such as the furthest distance from home you have travelled to go to a parkrun. The Running Challenges extension currently calculates the following stats:

Stat Description
Total Runs The total number of parkruns completed.
Total PBs The total number of PBs achieved across all parkruns. N.B. parkrun counts PBs on a per-event basis, not across all events. You are marked as a ‘First Timer’ the first time you visit a parkrun event, and the next time you visit that even you have the chance to get your first PB there.
Longest PB streak The highest number of consecutive PBs achieved across all parkrun events.
Total parkrun distance The total distance achieved from adding up 5k for a parkrun, and 2k for a junior parkrun.
Most parkruns in a year The highest number of parkruns attended in a calendar year.
p-index The number of parkruns that satisfy the equation ‘p parkruns run at least p times’, e.g. If you have run 4 different parkruns at least 4 times each, your p-index is 4. If you have never run at an event twice, then your p-index will only be 1!
wilson-index The maximum contiguous series of parkrun event numbers you have attended (at any event), starting at 1. To start off your streak, this requires that you have run at an inaugural event (controversial!), and then to increase the value to 2 you need to run at event #2 somewhere (not necessarily the same event as you ran at the inaugural event). They do not have to be in order, so you can go back and fill in numbers later.
parkrun birthday The day you joined the parkrun family! This is the day you completed your first parkrun. Unfortunately we can’t find the date you first volunteered as this only takes into account your parkrun results table.
Years parkrunning The number of full years you have been going to parkrun since you completed your first event.
Events run The number of different parkrun events you have completed.
Tourist quotient The percentage of parkrun events attended that you had not been to before. If you never repeat a parkrun event it will be 100%, if you never tourist at all it will tend towards 0%.
Tourism streak The longest unbroken run of different events visited. If this happens to include your ‘home’ parkrun, this still counts in the calculation.
parkruns this year How many parkrun events you have completed during this calendar year.
Total distance travelled The cumulative distance you have travelled between each parkrun event. This is calculated by adding together the straight-line distance between each parkrun event in your results table. This is naturally going to be woefully inaccurate and is intended only to give a general guide for how much travel was required to go to the events in your results table.
Total countries visited The total number of countries that you have parkrunned in. If everything is working this should match the number of flags under your badges!
Average parkrun location The average latitude/longitude of all your parkrun attendances. This is the basic average of the lat/lon position of each parkrun result in your results table. If you commonly run only at your home parkrun and only occasionally visit other parkruns then the location will be heavily weighted towards your home parkrun. If, however, you visit all over the world, who knows where you will be on average - probably in the sea!
Average parkrun event The closest parkrun event to your average parkrun location. In case you want to go run it.
Furthest travelled The furthest away parkrun you have been to (calculated from the home parkrun configured in the extension’s options). Note - this statistic is only available for the athlete configured in the extension options, as it needs to know which home parkrun to base the calculation from.
Nearest event not done yet (NENDY) The nearest parkrun event to your home parkrun that you have not done yet. Note - this statistic is only available for the athlete configured in the extension options, as it needs to know which home parkrun to base the calculation from.
Total volunteer roles How many of the different volunteering roles have been completed. Note - this can include multiple roles per week e.g. if you were a marshal, did course setup, and close-down, that adds 3 to this stat.
v-index The number of volunteer roles which have been performed at least v times. E.g. If you have volunteered in 4 different roles at least 4 times, your v-index is 4. This stat was created by Mel Erbacher on episode 158 of the parkrun Adventurers podcast.