Running Challenges is a way to have fun with your weekly parkrun results, whether you run, jog, walk, or volunteer.

See how much of a parkrun ‘obsessive’ you are, see how close you are to being an Alphabeteer, whether you’ve made it into the Compass Club, and just how close you are to a full house in Stopwatch Bingo!

Collect badges and stars when you volunteer in different roles - are you a three-star marshal yet? Check in on your friends’ progress by visiting their profiles too.

Laura's runner page on the parkrun website

Running Challenges is an extension for the Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers - if you have an Android device you can even install the Firefox version on that! It is created and maintained with love by keen parkrunners, Andy and Laura. We just wanted to share the fun with other parkrunners around the world, regardless of whether you volunteer, run, walk, or jog, at your home parkrun or elsewhere.


The extension is installed on your local web browser, either in Chrome or Firefox on your PC/Mac. If you are an Android user you can also install it in Firefox for Android. It is as easy as clicking ‘install’ in either the Chrome or Firefox webstore, but if you need more detailed instructions see the getting started page for more help.


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We want everyone to have a bit of fun with this, and hopefully it encourages a few more people to get out on a Saturday (or Sunday for Juniors) to progress towards getting a new badge. We passionately believe that parkrun is not just about running - it is also about the community spirit, and volunteering for the good of everyone, which is why it was very important to us to get the volunteer badges available as soon as possible. We will continue to try and do a few little extra things to ensure the focus is not about running every week, and that those who give back to parkrun are appropriately rewarded.

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If you have any detailed feedback an email to [email protected] is the best way to let us know, similarly if you need help configuring the plugin, or debugging something that you think might be going wrong, an email is the best way to have a conversation.

The Running Challenges extension is not official and is not affiliated with parkrun.