How do I get Running Challenges in my life? Head over to the Chrome Web Store and install our free Running Challenges extension now! If you are a Firefox user, or want to install it on Firefox for Android, head to the Running Challenges Add-on page in the Firefox webstore.

How does Running Challenges work? Running Challenges looks at your results on the parkrun website and works out how you’re doing in a set of challenges. For each completed challenge or volunteer role, it displays a badge on your page.

Do I need to log in to Running Challenges? Nope! After installing the Running Challenges extension in your Chrome/Firefox web browser, just visit your (or anyone else’s!) parkrun results page to see all your lovely badges. Click the shortcut icon in the top-right of the browser window to go directly to your parkrun results page.

Can I install Running Challenges on my phone or tablet? Yes! If you use Android, you can install it in Firefox for Android. Sadly, browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome are prohibited for iOS devices, so we aren’t able to create a version for an Apple iPhone or iPad.

Can I use Internet Explorer, or Safari web browsers? Running Challenges is currently available only for Chrome or Firefox web browsers. If you normally use a different web browser, you’ll need to install Chrome or Firefox on your computer.

Why does the Chrome Web Store say the extension can “Read and change your data on” when I’m not in Canada? The Running Challenges extension works on several parkrun country websites, not just Canada (.ca). The Chrome Web Store just chooses (for some reason!) to display one of the web addresses. If you want to know what the Running Challenges extension does with your data, read on…

What does the Running Challenges extension do with my data? When you visit your parkrun results page, Running Challenges looks at your results on the parkrun page you are viewing and adds your badges and progress tables to the top of the page. All your data is kept on the parkrun website and in your web browser (much the same way as it is when you visit the webpage without the extension - it’s just more fun this way!), no data is transmitted or stored anywhere else.


Why can’t I have a grace period for the ‘Regionnaire’ challenge?

Many people have pointed out that it is a common convention in the various online groups that someone who has attained ‘Regionnaire’ status is entitled to retain that status for a period of time, e.g. 8 weeks, even if new parkruns start up that region. So why can’t the Running Challenges extension do the same? The extension retrieves the details of each parkrun from the data used to generate the map of events on the parkrun website. The only details contained within this data-source are the name, location, and region for the event - there is no additional data relating to when the event started, or how many events there have been at that parkrun, therefore it is not possible to work out which are new additions. Unfortunately this means that we are limited with the calculations we can do, and the badge is only displayed for those runners who have completed all of the currently known parkruns - we recommend you take a screenshot of your badge when you first achieve it if you want to keep a record of it.