Now with a Regionnaire map!

If you have already installed the extension it should update soon, if not you can get it from the Chrome WebStore today!

It has been a couple of weeks since the first maps burst on to the scene (along with the stats, in release 0.5), and the one glaring omission was the Regionnaire challenge had no map - and you could argue that this is the one in most need of one! Well, wait no-longer, it now has its own shiny map, with lots of extra features over and above the other maps - read on to find out more…

What does the map do?

By default the map is available as the first thing under the Regionnaire challenge details, and is centred on your home parkrun (assuming it is set):

Default Regionnaire map

The map, like the others, can be made fullscreen, and that is definitely the best way to view it - there is a lot of information available, and it does need space to view it all.

If you zoom in towards a country of interest you can see that some countries have a small pie-chart to the right of the flag - these indicate that you have run at at least one of the parkruns in this country, and gives a quick visual indication as to how may you may have run at. You can hover over the flag or the pie-chart to get the exact numbers of events you’ve been to out of the total active events in that country:

Country-centric Regionnaire map

If the country is split into sub-regions, clicking on the flag will expand out the pie-charts to show one for each region:

Regions Regionnaire map

If you click on a sub-region, you will be presented with the events that make up that region - coloured/shaped in the same was as the other maps, with green-rounded markers for events you have been to, and blue-squared markers for events you haven’t been to yet.

Expanded regions Regionnaire map

N.b. If the country has no separate sub-regions, you will get this type of view directly after clicking the country’s flag.

Hovering over a marker will give the name of the event, and you can click on a marker to give you a link directly to that course on the appropriate country’s website:

Expanded regions Regionnaire map - close up

The Regionnaire map was quite tricky to do, so if there are bugs or errors in it please send us an email with as much information as you can so that we can try and reproduce the problem - usually your athlete number (or the athlete number of the page you were looking at), your configured home parkrun if it is your page, and some details of what you were doing and what went wrong is a good set of information to get going with.

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