It’s time for the festive extra events!

The Christmas / New Year period brings the possibility of extra parkruns to volunteer and run at, and however you choose to spend your time you might be wondering what events are on, and at what time - especially if you intend to dash between a couple of them on New Year’s Day.

Now that all the parkrun teams have announced which events are taking place, we’ve hastily cobbled together a map on the website that displays them all for you on one map - and you can switch between which special event, and which times, to look for the ones you are interested in. It’s very rough, but this information is going to be useless in a week or two, so we are just putting out what we’ve done so far.

See the map here, and there is another link at the top of this page.

I hope it’s useful to someone!

Please note: We are missing a few countries where the events aren’t listed in English, we’ll try and add those in as soon as possible.

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