It’s that time of the year for the extra festive parkrun events!

We were a bit late to the game and have missed the Thanksgiving extras, but there is still change to find your local event that is doing the Christmas Day/Eve/Boxing Day or New Year’s Day parkruns!

See the map here, and there is another link at the top of this page.

As with last year, you can filter on the time as well as the day, so you can find the closest event to you that gets you the amount of sleep you like :)

We think we’ve got all the countries, and have listed them under their English translations, so you’l find Christmas Eve in Denmark and Boxing Day in Germany. Hopefully we’ve got them translated right!

If you are interested in a New Year’s Day Double, don’t forget Rikki Prince’s amazing Double Finder Tool to see which ones you might be able to do!

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