Say hello to the new and improved parkrun explorer map!

The parkrun explorer map?

Yes. You might remember this as being the map for the regionnaire challenge, but we’ve rebranded it and added some more goodies for those people who generally want to plan their touristing and want to visualise where they have run on a map. It now lives in-between the stats table and the challenge tables.

What’s changed?

We have computed what is called a “voronoi diagram”. We have divided the world into cells. If you are within a particular cell, you know where the nearest parkrun is to that location. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s an example:

Running Challenges in the Chrome Web Store

A green cell shows that you have done the parkrun for that area. The circles representing the parkruns are green for ones you have done, and black for the others.

Zoom right in if you want to find out the name of the event you are looking at.

Running Challenges in the Chrome Web Store

On the old map we found that having over a thousand markers showing every parkrun didn’t scale - the map was overcrowded and slow to scroll and pan around. This new way seems to work much better.

Do we have regions yet?

Why not create your own region! Hopefully by colouring the cells in this way it should be easy to tell if you have been to all the events in a particular area of the country / world - just look for the contiguous green parts of the map!

Can I play Blockbusters across the country with it?

Yes. We think that would be an excellent idea.

I’ll have a P please Bob - cue everyone heading off to Penistone parkrun :)

Updated Japanese and Polish translations

When we added support for no events had been run yet, and we didn’t know any of the volunteer translations! Now, thanks to William Steffancin (A4782624) we have example translations for most of the roles in Japan.

Meanwhile, in Poland, parkrun HQ updated most (all?) of the volunteer roles names, probably to be more technically correct (the best kind of correct). Many thanks to @sebuish who has provided us with an updated list. The purple badges should be showing correctly for Poland once more.

How do I get all of this great stuff?

If you have already installed the extension it should update soon - typically we have found it takes a few days for Chrome and Firefox to auto-update, but it should do so eventually. If you haven’t yet joined the fun you can get it from one of the links below. :

Running Challenges in the Chrome Web StoreRunning Challenges in the Firefox Add-ons Web Store