Something broke yesterday! Firefox is back! Ooh, and a new feature!

Return of the Fox

Firefox is back! We submitted a version of the extension to the Mozilla AddOns store and it was published, so it’s available again. Unfortunately we submitted version 1.3.0, which doesn’t contain these fixes, so until 1.3.1 appears there it will still be a little broken, but that’s progress!

New Feature

Persist hiding challenge data

You have always been able to hide a challenge on a page by clicking the badge icon in the challenge header row, but it did not get saved in any way so would be back visible again if you refreshed the page - well, no longer!

Persisted collapsed challenges

This also means that if you hide a challenge on one page, it will now be hidden on all parkrunner pages. If you aren’t interested in certain ones, or you think they take up too much space and can’t be bothered to scroll past them, you can hide them and just show the ones you have an interest in.

Bug fixes

Sort parsed events into chronological order

While we weren’t looking, parkrun HQ appear to have rolled out a change to reverse the order of the events listed on the parkrunner page. Initially this was newest first, but now it appears to be oldest first. This would be fine if it was consistent, but it appears that it hasn’t been for the past week or so. We presume that as web caches expire it switches between the old and new ordering, and it’s finally got to more and more of us.

This showed up as various stats and challenges showing incorrect data, for example the number of years parkrunning ending up being zero, or the tourist events being listed in reverse order.

Now we explicitly order the events by date, so we should be good whatever order they come out in.

Firefox deprecated a getURL() method

Not a huge issue, and not one with a user-facing impact, but it floods the error log with messages and also comes up during the addon submission process, so we’ve switched to the replacement method to get it a bit cleaner.

How do I get all of this great stuff?

If you have already installed the extension it should update soon. Typically we have found it takes a few days to auto-update, but it should do so eventually. If you haven’t yet joined the fun you can get it from one of the links below (the Firefox version will be likely a little delayed):

Running Challenges in the Chrome Web StoreRunning Challenges in the Firefox Add-ons Web Store